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    So what is everyone's thoughts on this? Sent via....
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    Who doesn’t need another Jeep

    So I haven’t been on here in quite awhile. Things have just been so crazy busy I don’t even know where all the time has gone. But anyway it’s pretty much winter time back east which equals Jeep build season lol. A little over a year ago I decided it would be an awesome idea to stick a 6.4 Hemi...
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    Gladiator ordering is open

    Anyone who has been waiting, they opened Gladiator ordering for all models a couple hours ago. Sent via....
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    Learning about the JL with "Big Bird"

    So this will be my official build thread. First off, I am not naming my wife's JL Big Bird. That's what my friends call it so I think it's funny. My goal with the JL is to build it slowly in steps just to see what each modification does, how it performs, etc. I like being able to give advice...
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    The plant

    If you ever wondered how your Jeep was made Sent via....
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    FS: Factory Aux Switch Upgrade

    I bought the factory aux switch upgrade. The one I bought is the black bezel version for the Sport. Going a different direction. They retail for $375. Before I return it, any interest from anyone in buying for $250 + shipping? Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
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    Well it was time

    Decided to try a different route this time. Starting with what my son has already called a "baby Jeep". Lol Sent via....
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    2019 JL Updates

    Since I know many were asking/speculating here is the official release For 2019 Adapative Cruise and Fwd Collision Warning are being added. Sent via....
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    How does Front Axle Disconnect Work & Why a Transfer Case Modification May be Needed

    How does Front Axle Disconnect Work & Why a Transfer Case Modification May be Needed So I have seen people ask about Front Axle Disconnect (FAD from here forward), how does it work, what is it for, what does it mean for axle swaps, and how does it relate to my transfer case. This will probably...
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    Dedicated JL Phone Number / Email

    Today Jeep announced an all new hotline and email dedicated to the All New Wrangler JL. This way set up for folks to follow up on order status, customer issues, etc. Dedicated Jeep Wrangler Customer Care Line Phone: 1-866-362-2146 Email:
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    And now the wait begins...

    Well broke down and ordered mine today. Now the wait begins. Thankfully I have lots to do in my JK so I'm ok waiting lol Sent via....
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    Just to clear up something...

    So i have seen the Teraflex video on the JL not moving go all over the place and received many questions in the last 24 hours. I'm not going to bash them as they just don't know what's going on. Autopark has nothing to do with proximity sensors or blind spot. The driver wasn't wearing a...
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    Random pictures

    Here are some random pictures for all of you. Ps no one has hit the fender lights #learnhowtodriveifyoudo lol Sent from my SM-G930V using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app