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  1. vitmike63

    Sector shaft brace

    I did the steer smarts sector shaft brace, steer smarts track bar and drag link, made a huge difference, night and day.
  2. vitmike63

    Sector shaft brace

    Oh yeah, steer smarts good stuff, I put the track bar - sector shaft brace on, that made a huge difference in the steering.
  3. vitmike63

    New control arms

    New core 4x4 front lower control arms!!!
  4. vitmike63

    Core 4x4

    I ordered lower front control arms, thinking about drag link and tie rod, stuff isn't cheap!!
  5. vitmike63

    Core 4x4

    Anyone on here have any input on core 4x4 products?
  6. vitmike63

    Sector shaft brace

    Why is that?
  7. vitmike63

    Sector shaft brace

    Deciding on a sector shaft brace, steer smarts or synergy, any thoughts on either?
  8. vitmike63

    What was delivered to you, today? (Parts, tools, etc.)

    Steer smarts track bar!!
  9. vitmike63

    New stuff

    Oh yeah! Steer smarts yeti track bar
  10. vitmike63

    Hello from ohio

  11. vitmike63

    Hello from ohio

  12. vitmike63

    Hello from ohio

    Thanks man
  13. vitmike63

    looking for Jeep Wrangler 2018-2020 Spare Tire Bracket Assembly OEM

    I have the complete OEM spare tire carrier, I installed an aftermarket one.
  14. vitmike63

    JL soft top

    Anyone on here have a 2 door JL with the premium soft top, where the side windows pop out of the top channel when driving?
  15. vitmike63

    Smokey mountain jeep invasion

    Anyone going to Tennessee for the smokey mountain jeep invasion this year?
  16. vitmike63

    Hello from ohio

    New guy to the forum, but not a new guy when it comes to jeeps, I have a 2021 rubicon 2 door, in process of building my jeep, I have a 2 1/2 inch lift on 35s, next is a track bar and lower front control arms, after that well who knows.