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  1. Micky

    JLU Spring height information

    Does that take tire differences into account?
  2. Micky

    Auto stop failure

    mine stopped working over a year ago. started working again last month..... no one touched it. go figure. Honestly i am fine with or without it.
  3. Micky

    Easy, affordable upgrades

    i have added a trailer hitch.... usefull if you bike or carry other things Rubicon sliders..... relatively cheap and good off road protection, plus it looks good painted tow hooks red..... splash of color adds a lot to looks rubicon shocks and spring..... tiny lift and better performance
  4. Micky

    Another wave from VA

    Hi from central VA. have a 2018 Mojito 4 door JL . Doors are off at times and sometimes ride local nasty dirt roads, no rock crawling though.