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  1. CanadaJeep

    New jeep fc / van

    I came across theses photos of what seems to be a new FC jeep model or an Overlanding family van. I know nothing about this but thought I would share the photos. What do you all think of this / any information ?
  2. CanadaJeep

    Jl halfdoors

    Looks like we might be getting these soon
  3. CanadaJeep

    STING GREY : Lets see thoose sting grey JEEPS

    If you have a sting grey jeep lets see them. when I seen this color I knew that's what I wanted. This is my 2018 sport when I first brought it home. after lift and tires and of course topless
  4. CanadaJeep

    4 dr rubicon suspension on a 2 dr ?

    On a JK you could swap out suspension from a 4 dr rubicon to a 2 dr sport and gain some lift. My question is has anyone done this on a JL ? There is plenty of rubicon 4 dr take offs around and no 2 dr . I know spring numbers will account on different heights etc. Another question is can you...
  5. CanadaJeep

    JL tire blowout.

    just read this article and thought I would share.
  6. CanadaJeep

    Lets see those jl window cracks / chips

    I'm sure I am not the first one. So lets see those window chips / cracks . Mine was on the seventh day of having it. It SUCKS I know but lets see the who has the worst luck / quickest chip
  7. CanadaJeep

    Hello from Canada

    Hello fellow Jeepers. Just picked up a new 2 door JL. this is my second jeep (first brand new one) I had a 2007 JKU .