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  1. JeepJL

    Selling my 2019 Rubicon JLUR (for sale)

    Well I’m really torn over this one but I’ve decided to sell my 19’ Rubicon and get a JT. This point in our lives it just makes more since. I have a loaded 19 JLUR Leather, 8.4” premium alpine, hardtop, soft top trektop, tow package, aux switch package, proximity entry, Mopar steel front...
  2. JeepJL

    Jeep Aux switch kit

    I have a new in the box Jeep Aux switch kit to add the factory feature Part number 8221 5190 AB-001 $225 shipped never been installed Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  3. JeepJL

    I hate noises now the seat brackets

    Man I hate noises. I’m normally really good at keeping them quiet but now that passenger side seat bracket on my 19 is so annoying around curves. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Gonna go see what the dealer says. Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  4. JeepJL

    Front truss for my Rubicon

    I know this is a mixed subject for most but what are the thoughts of trussing the front JL 44 axle to help with the CAD housing and strengthening the housing? I’m running 3.5”bs wheels so that’s definitely not helping the situation. Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  5. JeepJL

    Trail ideas in Washington

    We were going to head to the Rubicon but decided to wait another month so that opened up a 4-5 day trip and we’re thinking about heading up to Washington. Anyone have any must do trails to help us plan? 4 Jeeps on 37s-40s with experienced drivers. Thinking about camping a night in Leavenworth...
  6. JeepJL

    Rear cube light mount

    Needed a spot to mount some rear dust lights so I played around with the laser and created a mount. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I didn’t want to block the 3rd brake light. What are some other options people are doing for rear lights?
  7. JeepJL

    Welding sliders onto the JL frame

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for the EVO weld on frame sliders to become available for the JL but I’m just about over waiting so I’m thinking about building my own set of sliders. With that said I’m also starting to wonder if the thinner frame can handle a set of sliders just directly welded to...
  8. JeepJL

    Door hangers for the garage

    Had a good friend that owns a machine shop drop these off as a surprise today. Pretty cool gift. [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  9. JeepJL

    Brand new in box premium soft top JLUR

    I’m selling my brand new in the box never been opened premium softtop. It came with the dual top option and I never installed it. Will ship on buyers expense. $1500 takes it. Can pick up in Oregon I can also ship it Fastenal I’d say for less then $100 Sent from my iPhone using JL...
  10. JeepJL

    Looking to possibly swap led fog lights 4 hole to 2 hole design or I’d consider selli

    I switched my bumper from the stock to a factory steel bumper and was wondering if anyone with a steel bumper might be going to an aftermarket on that requires the 4 hole design. I’m looking to possibly swap led lights. Mine are off a 19. I’d also be interested in selling them too I know they...
  11. JeepJL

    EVO front and rear shock extension brackets

    JL Front and rear shock extension brackets used for 2 weeks while waiting on my King’s to show up. Will allow you to use your factory shocks with a lift. Several adjust holes for different size lifts. All hardware included. Almost new $75 shipped flat rate. Will do PayPal/ Apple Pay EVO-3004B...
  12. JeepJL

    To Trektop or factory non premium soft top

    I need of a soft top. Leaning towards the trektop, not 100% sold on the overhang of the factory for wheeling. Pros and cons of each? Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  13. JeepJL

    JL factory half doors! Are they ever coming?

    The one thing now that the warm weather is coming out, will Mopar ever launch the JL half doors? After having the factory half doors on my JK the aftermarket half doors just aren’t the same. I was wondering if anyone has heard any updates. Fingers crossed they are coming soon. Sent from my...
  14. JeepJL

    Looking for info on the KMC 228 Machete Desert wheels

    I current have the 229 Machete wheels and would like something with less backspacing and really like the 228s. Does anyone know if they have 2 valve stem holes in the wheels? Can you get centered caps for them and any reason the 4.75bs wouldn’t work with 37” tires and 3.5” lift? There’s not a...
  15. JeepJL

    MBRP catback over the axle exhaust installed

    I ordered the MBRP exhaust before the dynomax muffler delete pipe came available. I found a Black Friday special for $175 so I didn’t want to miss that price. I installed it this weekend on my 19 JLUR. It took about 45 mins and was nice and easy to do. I’m digging the sound so far which is a...
  16. JeepJL

    Watch out for the wife!

    Just a word of caution... I’ve had several Jeeps throughout my married life including several fully loaded Rubicons but I’ve never had this issue before. I brought the 19 JLUR home last week and went straight into a lift, tires, and wheels. After I finished I called for my wife to come check it...
  17. JeepJL

    Waiting for my JL to arrive...

    Just wanted to say hello. I’m waiting on my 19 JLUR to get here. Its just days away and can’t wait to start the build. Glad to find a place with so much knowledge. Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app