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  1. StormBreakerTheJL

    StormBreaker Build

    I’m in Ohio visiting a buddy and my wife sends me this[emoji30]went with Kings with the adjustable reservoir. Next month should be the High Clearance Long Arm Kit[emoji16]followed by wheels and tires, steering components, install of everything. Might take me a couple months but feels good to...
  2. StormBreakerTheJL

    Jeep Wave from Colorado Springs!

    StormBreakerTheJL here! 18 JLUR in Granite Crystal Mods so far Poison Spyder Bruizer Front Bumper with KC HiLites G34 fog lights Warn Zeon 10S w Factor 55 Flatlink E Poison Syper Bruizer Rear Bumper with KC HiLites G34 flood lights Motobilt Tire Carrier with plate and camera relocation kit...
  3. StormBreakerTheJL

    Stage 4 vs Stage 4 Overland vs Long Arm Kit

    Alright guys, I’m going to lift my JLUR 3.5” and put on 37” wheels, that at least I know I want. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I wanna run Kings shocks with a Evo lift kit. I wanna see what your input is on the Stage 4 and Stage 4 Overland compared to their Long Arm Kit. Once I saw the...