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  1. asmith1923

    Boogers new shoes

    Just arrived today!! XF Off-road XF203 22x10 +12 offset with Milestar Patagonia M/T 37x13.50R22LT I got them from out of Florida for $2836.96 included: - Mounting - Balancing - TMPS - lug nuts - Hub Centric Rings - Shipping I'm running these under a MOPAR 2" lift, with...
  2. asmith1923

    Wheel/Tire combo sizing

    All, Now I realize that 90% of you are going to say, smaller wheel + more sidewall = better off-roadability. But here is my goal. I will drive 99% on the pavement and when off-road, will only be sand, snow, or lite mud, or otherwise novice level woods driving. Or of course, running over...
  3. asmith1923

    DV8 ARB Dual Compressor Engine bay Installation

    I just installed DV8’s new engine bay mount for the ARB Dual Compressor. I still have some cleaning up to do, but I’ll post pics tomorrow. Made in Mexico and clearly no quality control. The holes in...
  4. asmith1923

    Best Steel Rear Bumper

    I went with the DV8 RBJL-03 rear bumper. It’s only about 3/32nd steel, the “led light” are $14 trailer marker lights, it weights about 40 lbs, and looks like a monkey did the welding and finish work. But it looks great from a distance and has backup sensor holes [emoji1360] I wouldn’t want to...
  5. asmith1923

    Leveling after a heavy bumper install

    Thank you. I just picked up the Milwaukee ratchet, so I should be good to go. Tony 19 JLUR Mojito!
  6. asmith1923

    Leveling after a heavy bumper install

    All, first if this is a duplicate I apologize, I searched but couldn’t find anything here. I installed the Smittybilt winch and bumper and removed the spare tire. What I ended up with was the front is 1 5/8” lower than the front. Otherwise, I’m a stock 19 JLUR. My next mod is to install the...
  7. asmith1923

    Reinforced Mopar Hinge removal

    Final instal pics I got some molding and license plate lights installed. Here are the final pics Tony 19 JLUR Mojito!
  8. asmith1923

    Hook vs Prolink?

    Try the Factor 55 Splicer, you need to rebraid the line, but it eliminates one metal fail point. With the new design a shackle end slides right through, or better yet use a soft shackle to connect - eliminating even more metal to fail and fly around like a missile. Take it from me, buy the...
  9. asmith1923

    JLUR Hard top center point

    All, I’m over engineering (cause that’s the fun part) a simple lift to remove my hardtop utilizing my new fancy Chinese Smittybilt Gen2 winch. Does anyone know the centerpoint or weight of the hardtop? I’m guessing it’s somewhere just aft of halfway but I’m looking for an actual measurement...
  10. asmith1923

    Winch advice

    Having just installed the latest and greatest Smittybilt Gen 3, I can tell you it doesn’t come with any instructions or reference to any online. Or how to spool the line. Oh and the best part was, on the bottom of the winch is a big ol red sticker saying MADE IN CHINA Oh and it’s huge...
  11. asmith1923

    New Smittybilt XRC Bumper / Gen 3 Winch install

    Pulled off my stock plastic bumper for the Smittybilt XRC Stubby and 12k Gen 3 winch. The addition dropped my front nearly an inch from the factory height. It was a tight squeeze between the winch and grill. While spoiling the line on, I noticed it was rubbing against the wires. I’m going to...
  12. asmith1923

    Reinforced Mopar Hinge removal

    Got the delete kit today. Camera and third brake light work great, just need to figure out a license plate light solution. Removing the tire and mount raised the back 1/4”. Tony 19 JLUR Mojito!
  13. asmith1923

    Reinforced Mopar Hinge removal

    Well, I removed my reinforced hinge and spare tire for a cleaner look. I’ve ordered the Artec spare tire delete kit and am waiting for it to arrive. What I found was the bolts that Jeep I stalled are black to match the reinforced hinge, so when you remove it they no longer match my Mojito...
  14. asmith1923

    Wave from DC

    Hello everybody. I’m new to the off-road world, but am looking forward to getting Booger filthy and stuck! A winch is on the way and snatch blocks and ropes are far too clean... Tony Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk