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  1. CanadaJeep

    Howdy from Bellevue. 1999 xj

    Welcome, I hope you didnt just join to sell a bunch of stuff? I noticed you started a few threads as such.
  2. CanadaJeep

    Another wave from VA

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER
  3. CanadaJeep

    Hello from the Bay Area :-)

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER from Canada
  4. CanadaJeep

    Hello from southeastern TN

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER
  5. CanadaJeep

    Hello from CA

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER
  6. CanadaJeep

    Body lift with a Suspension lift

    You could always just a 1" spacer to your lift.
  7. CanadaJeep

    Hello from PA

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER and congrats on your first Jeep(y)
  8. CanadaJeep

    Wave from Middle TN

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER from Canada
  9. CanadaJeep

    Wave from Central Va

    2018 sport 2 door, Sting gray Welcome to JLWRANGLER 👋
  10. CanadaJeep

    Hi from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to JLWrangler.
  11. CanadaJeep

    Wave From Southern MD

    Welcome to JLWRANGLER.
  12. CanadaJeep

    JLU Spring height information

    Front L 3660AD Front R 3661AD Rear L 3590AA Rear R 3591AA i believe with the tow package steel bumpers and hard top. the numbers do go down by 1 number each without steel bumpers and again without hard top and tow package eg. Front L 3657AD Front R 3658AD Rear L 3588AA Rear R 3589AA
  13. CanadaJeep

    JLU Spring height information

    I do believe you are correct on the 1.5" taller springs for a rubicon over the sport. The thing you may want to watch for is the different part #'s jeep's that have a tow package and the steel bumper will have stiffer springs than one without . Hope this helps out a little.
  14. CanadaJeep

    New Rubicon

    Congrats on the new Jeep
  15. CanadaJeep

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to JLWrangler .
  16. CanadaJeep

    Giving you a wave! New Jeeper

    Welcome to JL Wrangler
  17. CanadaJeep


    Welcome to JL Wrangler John . 👋
  18. CanadaJeep

    From sunny South Florida

    Welcome to JL Wrangler
  19. CanadaJeep

    New control arms

    Nice and beefy (y)
  20. CanadaJeep

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to JL Wrangler from Ontario 🇨🇦