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    LOD JLU Sliders - Price drop

    I have this posted on wayalife as well. LOD JLU sliders, don't fit with EVO longarm suspension they never got to experience off-road travel $500 + shipping. Lone Star Overnight is very reasonable within Tx, some areas of LA, OK, NM
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    Uconnect App

    Wondering how many of you fellow Jeepers have purchased the subscription for the Uconnect app. I didn't because it always worked glitchy and the benefits did not fit the price
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    AEV Procal Snap JL and Gladiator

    AEV Procal Snap JL and Gladiator - Gone NIB AEV Procal Snap - $75, shipping within lower 48 Price reduction $65 you pay shipping. throwing it away May 30th
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    JL long arm suspension?

    any update on a JL long arm suspension system? itching to get my JL build going :thumb:
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    4 days at dealership!

    Took 4 days for the dealership to do my courtesy oil change, paid tire rotation, steering damper recall... 4 days to do what I could do in a couple of hours max... :doh::doh::doh: I picked it up yesterday and as dirty as the damper still is, looks like they didn't even change it! I'm still...
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    Removed grill inserts

    With the temperatures climbing I could hear the cooling fan running more often and though not as loud since the TSB updates, it's still an attention grabber in the drive thru lol I removed the grill inserts and after a week of being without the inserts, the fan is not running as often and at...
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    2018 JLU vs 2010 JKU Cargo Space

    Bought my JLU Dec 2018 and took a road trip 3 days later. When I packed I had to rearrange how I packed because items did not fit the same as in the JK. Finally got around to taking a few measurements and sure enough, the JLU has less usable cargo space then the JKU. The floor depth loses...
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    strong idle surging

    I'm beginning to think this JL is possessed. Nice hot 86* day, was using start stop to quiet the fan from sounding like a tornado approaching but each time it would kick on after being stopped, the surge would be so great I'd have to hit the brake to keep from hitting the car in front of me...
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    Does the JL have a prop behind the radiator?

    I've read other posts about how loud the JL fan gets but until today I didn't understand just how loud. Today was an 80* day and holy shit!! the fan sounded like a prop on an ultralight hang glider. Also, nothing like having a bunch of random people come to a stop, all turn and look in your...
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    JL dash functions non-responsive and could not shut off engine

    I've experienced odd dash symptoms in the past and dealer could not replicate nor find any trouble codes. Today, as I came to a stop I noticed the steering console light dim, radio volume slightly increased and when I tried to turn the volume down, none of the steering wheel functions worked...
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    AutoPark Engaged

    I was backing up with the door open and the Jeep kept abruptly stopping like it was shifting into Park while moving. The message showing was AutoPark Engaged. As you can see in the image it was still in Reverse when this would happen and it would also happen in Drive I'm guessing Jeep has...
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    2018 JL vs 2010 JK thoughts

    Enjoying the 2018 JL, other than the seatbelt and seat adjustment rant from my other post, everything else so far is great. Power and transmission without a doubt a huge improvement over my 2010. Start/stop on the JL can die and burn in hell, really hate it lol Prefer the stop/hold of the...
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    WTB JLU 3pc Hard Top

    Looking for a JLU 3 piece Freedom hard top. No longer looking - mission accomplished! :beer:
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    Seat adjustment

    Anyone else feel like the JL seat doesn't slide back as far as the JK? I feel like I'm not as far back as I feel in the JK.
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    So, I test drove an Ocean Blue and the damn thing got stuck to my ass so I had to bring it home. JL mania! I will not change anything for the 1st year...I will not change anything for the 1st year...I will not change anything for the 1st year...I will not change anything for the 1st year...
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    Wave from Tx

    Here we go! Hello from TX, so much land and nothing public!! :icon_crazy: Glad to be here for the next generation JL. Itching to buy a new Jeep but on the fence if it'll be a 2017 or 2018...given how long I take to decide on the big things, it may be a 2019 lol Glad to be here :thumb: