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  1. Storman

    Tazer Mini eco diesel

    So I have ordered a Tazer mini but I am hearing there are some issues with it and the eco diesel. Can anyone tell me what issues and if Z automotive is looking at software updates for eco diesel . Thanks Maybe I should contact them directly [emoji856] Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler...
  2. Storman

    Flashcal F5 JL issues

    I have the F5 went online just an hour ago uploaded newest software and tried to get my flashcal on my jeep , installed the bypass thing and when I boot up and ignition on I get no application software for this Vehicle. Note it is an eco diesel but I was sure I seen folks with flashcal and eco...
  3. Storman

    Build sheets

    We use to have a build sheet web page , anyone know how I can find it . The one I found here I can’t make work. Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  4. Storman

    Occasional loud rattle on my Rubicon Diesel

    I just picked up my new 2020. Rubicon diesel, and was solid all week now over certain bumps like a pot hole I hear a rattle .sound like a loose bracket or something. Wondering if anyone else ever had something like this happen . Thanks Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  5. Storman

    Stormy my new rubicon adventure

    Here we go, just got my new 2020 JL unlimited Rubicon with and Eco Diesel. Only had it a few days and I was right , Jeep needed a diesel [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]. My adventure starts here . Here is Stormy in stock form and fun begins. Bumpers winch and 35” tires coming soon . Sorry name...
  6. Storman

    Trailer wiring harness

    Does anybody know if this kit or if any supplier makes a plug and play hitch for the JL .? Sent from my iPad using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  7. Storman

    Got the Bug 😳😳

    Thanks Eddy , I made the mistake of watching your Jl videos, you gave me the JL bug. Gottta get me one now . Lol oh well 😂😂