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    Ship soft top

    So I have a used soft top I’m trying to sell. Everyone asks about shipping. Went to the UPS store and they said around $600 to send it freight. That seems nuts!! Is there a way to breakdown the arms any to ship this thing better? Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
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    I was wondering what everyone was using mirror wise when you remove your doors. I was looking at the power mirror movers from Quadratec before I traded my JK for my JL. Since they moved the power mirror switch to the door on the JL, you can’t adjust the power mirrors with the doors off and so...
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    Clean soft top

    So my new JL is getting its first bath today (not from all the rain [emoji849]). My JK had the regular soft top and it was easy to clean. My JL has the premium top and I’m not sure how to clean it since it is straight up fabric. Any tips would be appreciated Sent from my iPhone using JL...
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    Rear window flaps

    Is anyone having trouble keeping the flaps at the bottom of the rear window in? Every time I pump gas I check my rear window. The small flaps at the bottom are never engaged! No water is getting in and there is no movement in the top it is just weird that the retainer is holding. Sent from...
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    Top down

    Finally after three weeks it’s a gorgeous day. Got to try out the new top. My husband, who was skeptical about buying it once again says, “yeah this is so much better”. The color keyed bars look great! The rear windows slide out perfect. We tried the safari top on the way to lunch and put it...
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    WIN a DYNATRAC JL Wrangler EnduroSport Lift Kit - TODAY!!

    My JL is almost to tall for me as it is but I sure would take a lift! [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
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    I’ve had my JL for 17 days and everything has been wonderful. This morning I get in, and the backup camera wasn’t working. I tried turning on the radio—nothing. I shut it down and cranked it back up and the radio came on but wouldn’t turn back off. I drove to work and shut it down again...
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    Wave from Niceville, FL

    A week and a half in—great decision to get this one. I miss my 2015 Rubicon but “Uncle Sam” is a nice ride!!! Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app