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    Infotainment needed for Adaptive cruise control?

    I am in the process of ordering a 2019 JLUR. The dealer claims that to get Adaptive cruise control, I must also order the Infotainment system. That is not the case with my online build. Has anyone ordered Adaptive cruise control without the infotainment system?
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    Best Price on a JLUR in VT, NH, upstate NY?

    Where are people going in VT, NH or upstate NY for a deal under invoice on a 2018 or 2019 JLUR?
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    JL Rubicon towing 3500 GVWR trailer

    I plan to tow a 3500 GVWR trailer with a Rubicon, when I buy it next year. I will keep the trailer weight below 3300 and the tongue weight between 10 and 15% of trailer weight. I will also use a Hensley Arrow. My question is for those who have towed: how bad is acceleration and what is the...
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    Wave from Vermont

    Hi all. Ready and can't wait for the new JLU Rubicon . Plan to buy the 2019, hopefully with a diesel.