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  1. Evo skid

    Yes the video was a great help, thanks
  2. EVO Skid installed

    Installed the EVO Skid plate yesterday. Put the JL, up on ramps, in my driveway and it was an easy straight, forward install. Took a little over an hour, it would have gone quicker if I wasn’t laying...
  3. Thread: Rebooting

    by TnTsJL

    Display re-booting

    I had the same display rebooting problem on my 2-day old Rubicon. I took several videos of the malfunction to my dealer and the service tech found a Star Online Publication, release date 2/26/19,...
  4. EVO Skid plate

    I just ordered the EVO engine and trans skid plate. I have been trying to decide which skid plates to get, so thanks for the EVO recommendation and pictures. I hope you post the install video soon,...
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