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  1. Beautiful colors thanks

    Beautiful colors thanks
  2. Very nice the Gladiator looks awesome thanks for...

    Very nice the Gladiator looks awesome thanks for taking us along.
  3. stragler

    Thanks nice to see the beauty of the Nevada desert.
  4. stragler

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2019 thanking you and looking forward to more wonderful videos in 2019.
  5. Rancho Shocks

    Good Video Eddie installation looks simple enough but as hard as shocks work wouldn't it be better to up grade to coil overs or oil reservoir type...
  6. Bumper Removal

    Nice clean job Eddie thanks for sharing...
  7. AA Leather

    Thanks for the support.
  8. Moab #4

    ;) Another great video. I really enjoy your runs at Moab thanks for putting them out for all to see.
  9. Moab (Gold Bar Rim)

    Eddie/Cindy your videos are some of the best I have seen, thanks
    Question: How would a two door JK do going up or down on say The Water Fall and other ledges?
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    Welcome and thanks for advertising on JL Wrangler.

    Welcome and thanks for advertising on JL Wrangler.
  11. Thanks

    Cindy & Eddie thank you for the fantastic pictures they are really appreciated.
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    Wave from Western Colorado

    Just had a great couple of days in Moab at Easter Jeep Safari. Wow so many great rigs made me wish I had a million bucks.
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    First Wrangler (2017 JK Sahara)

    I have had my Wrangler for just 6 months and have made many modifications including Nav w/backup camera, locking fuel door, audio speakers, hard top liner. 2.5" AEV Dual Sport lift, frnt & rear...
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