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    2.0L turbo temps

    Just curious what other guys are seeing for oil and coolant temps? They must run about a 215 degree thermostat in these little motors. Mine is regularly 200-220 coolant temps.. and 200-226 oil temps. I completely understand that it’s a lot of power from a small displacement(boost = heat, etc)...
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    2.0l fuel mileage with 35’s

    I’ve put about 400 miles on my 2 door Sport (3.45 gears) with 2.0l turbo and 8spd since installing a 2.5” lift and 35” BFG KO2’s. Tazer JL Mini for tire size correction. Drum roll.. 22mpg in a roughly mixed 50/50 highway and back country roads. My commute is about 35 miles round trip. I drive...
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    Random Photos

    Playing with life sized Tonka trucks never gets old. Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
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    Weekend lift install

    Finally got the 2.25” RRD shocks that were back ordered for my Rock Krawler “Adventure Series 3” Stage 1 lift kit. So I spent the weekend in my driveway putting the lift in. I also installed JKS sway bar disconnects. I was a little nervous about how the kit was going to ride after reading some...
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    Rock Krawler #000 grease source

    I found synthetic #000 grease for Rock Krawler joints in 14oz full size tubes. It killed me to pay what I paid for a tube of grease... but still cheaper than the $15-18 per 3oz tube that RK gets, and I don’t have to buy a special 3oz grease gun. 14oz tube for $16. Shipping was a rip-off too at...
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    Returning Jeep owner, new to Forum

    Returning “Jeep guy” here. Caught the bug for Jeeps while bombing around with my older brother and his friends in a CJ7 in the 90’s. I was in the 4wheeling hobby for several years(Bronco II, ‘72 Scout, Several F150’s/250’s/350’s, Solid axle Toyota pickup)before I owned finally owned my own...