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    Jeep JL AUX Switch Mods

    Anyone know if there are decals, stickers, labels, or 3d-printed caps for the JL's Aux switches?
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    New Tires Today

    Thanks guys.. gonna order a Tazer Lite asap. Hope this one works. Tazer
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    New Tires Today

    Went from stock 33's on my Rubicon to 35's. Will I need to adjust the speedometer?
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    Hey everyone. Got my first JL last week after owning a JK and TJs. 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sarge Green 2.0LT with Sky One-Touch top.
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    Just got my JL in Sarge Green... have a super hard time trying to decide on decal colors. Looks like my only two aesthetic options are black or white. I'm already not a fan of the Rubicon red trim against the dark green. Here is a pic for reference (not mine). I'd really like to know what...