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    New Recall - V88, rear quarter windows

    Anyone have any details on this? I got the recall notice for both my '18 Sahara JLU with a hard top, and for my wife's '19 JL with a soft top.
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    Patiently waiting

    My wife's Jeep:
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    You can't make this up...

    Geocodes are unique codes that correspond to geographic coordinates. The currently best-known geocoding system was devised by a company called What3Words has divided the entire planet into over 57 trillion 3- by 3-meter squares, each with a unique three-word identifier. These...
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    Hi all! Got my new 2018 JLU Sahara yesterday. First Jeep ever! Got my first on-the-road wave :standing wave: about 30 seconds after leaving the dealership, and got several more after that. :thumb: Wrangler owners are very loyal and involved. It's great to finally be here.