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    Coolant temp.

    My coolant temps seem to run on the high side. I have a pretty much stock 2018 JLUR. Climbing long grades not pushing hard or idling my coolant temps and oil temps quickly climb in to the 220's with the outside temps in the low 80's. My radiator fans seem to be working properly and my...
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    Free Daystar 3/4" rear spring spacer

    Free you pay shipping or local Pick up Mammoth Lakes Ca. New in box Daystar 3/4" rear JL coil spring spacer. I was shipped the rear spring spacers by mistake and the retailer did not want them back.
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    Free Rock Blox rear mud flaps

    Free you pay shipping or local pick up Mammoth Lakes Ca. New black regular size Rock Blox rear JL mud flaps and hardware. I decided not to use the rear mud flaps.