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    JL Steering Gear

    While the cast iron steering box may tighten things up a little bit, no Wrangler will EVER compare to any other modern SUV or car in highway speed steering precision and tracking. Wranglers are solid axle suspensions with control arms and track bars to maintain geometry. It is designed for...
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    Icon Stage 3 2.5" lift

    For financial reasons, I'm selling my Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 3 2.5" lift. I never got around to installing it, and now the wife and I think we might need the nest egg in the near future. It comes with their springs, shocks, front and rear adjustable trackbar, and fixed front lower control...
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    Steering damper "recall"

    I just got my letter to replace the steering damper as a "courtesy". Does anyone know what the actual difference is? I don't feel like I've ever had an issue, but is it still worth going into the dealer for? Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880 cb. Vision X Dura-M460 cube lights.
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    The Beer Thread

    The picture didn't post, or I'm retarded. Probably retarded. Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880 cb. Vision X Dura-M460 cube lights.
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    I got my Method Trail Series MR701 wheels back from the sandblaster. I'm painting them (myself) with grey Steel-It. For better or worse, they will definitely be my own handiwork. I'm not a painter. In fact, I REALLY hate dealing with paint. But I wanted to have my own hands on every phase of...
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    Funny things You've Seen on the Web

    Lol. Sadly, that's pretty much it these days, it seems. Reminded me of this one. Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880 cb. Vision X Dura-M460 cube lights.
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    Pics Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.
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    Here's a few pictures Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.
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    Exhaust points of contact

    To me, the tips look well behind the bumper. And if the optional cosmetic tips aren't used, it looks like it tucks up pretty well. Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.
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    Exhaust points of contact

    I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing my occasional exhaust questions as I search for the one I'll be happy with. Today, I'm looking at the Corsa 21015 touring exhaust with turndown tips. After re-watching Eddie's trail damage video, his stock muffler body took a hit as well as the tip. I'm...
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    Random Photos

    I've been craving barbecue today, and ironically a friend that knows I like Jeeps a little much sent me this picture. Made my day. Hella Yella 2018 JLUR. V6. Auto. Uniden 880.
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    Missed connection: J4J

    Lol. I couldn't resist the title.... Yesterday, I was driving east on 104th in Thornton, Colorado. As I was pulling into the Taco Bell, I was passed by a badass built silver JLU with a bunch of Evo stuff. I'd just like to know if that's anyone on here. I would love to meet up so I can do some...
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    QTP AR3 mufflers?

    Is anyone familiar with the Quick Time Performance AR3 mufflers? I just found this company for the first time, and they have a rock crawler system for the JL. I can't find one single discussion or a video of it on a Jeep. I might just be crazy, but I'm hoping it might be an option for us kind of...
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    Our first Easter Jeep Safari!

    I'm beyond excited right now. I just found out that I got my vacation week pick for Easter Jeep Safari at legendary Moab! This is the first time we've lived close enough to attend. This has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. We have several questions in order to make this the...
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    What was delivered to you, today? (Parts, tools, etc.)

    Got my cb, a better compressor that'll be happier airing up on the trail than the old 12v black & decker I've been using for 10 years, and Eddie's fender gap fix Sent from my SM-G892U using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app