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    Rubicon incentives.. $1500

    I just checked incentives on edmunds... and they’re showing $1500 on rubicons + $750 on selected inventory(I guess aged units). Has anyone taken advantage of these deals? Thanks
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    CJ5 question/information/recommendations.

    I know this is a JL forum, but I’ve been following this forum & related YouTube channel for quite some time. I figured I would ask the people most familiar with the brand. I’m not that familiar with the older Jeeps, so I’m looking for some information on CJ5s. I’ve come across a 1973 CJ5...
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    Rented a JL today, Death Wobble occurred at least 12 times!

    I've been tossing around buying a new JL. I noticed the local Avis/Budget had a few JL's in their fleet. Using Costco's travel site, I was able to rent the JL for 8 days for $175 plus taxes and fees for a total of $230. I felt it was a good investment to get some real world miles in the JL...
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    2.0 turbo.... what are your thoughts?

    I just located a 2020 Willys in Mojito.. which seems to be an unusual color & model color. But it has the 2.0 Turbo (non 48v system). What do we know about this motor? I never had considered the 4 cylinder... but I like the Willys package and the color. Where else is this motor used? Thanks all.
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    Looking for buying advice. % below MSRP goal?

    Hi again all, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. With the new year approaching, and dealers looking to make their sales for the end of the year, I hope this will be a good time to buy. I’m currently looking a 2020 JL Unlimited Willys. The MSRP is $46,505. I’ve read many different posts...
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    Has the “Wandering Steering” been corrected on the 2020’s?

    Hi all, I’ve been watching the many issues reported about the wandering steering in the JL’s. I’ve test driven two 2018 JL’s and one was worse than the other. I understand the solid axels will has some effect on the steering, but not to the extent I experienced on my test drives. I’ve read...
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    Prospective buyer with new JL “reliability” question...

    As stated above, I’m considering buying a 2019 or 2020 JLU. I’m curious if any of the issues associated with the new JL are persisting with the newly produced Wranglers. For example: - Steering issue (excessive play, dead spot) — I’ve personally experienced this on 2 test drives - Welding...