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  • Hey Schmeegz, I know this message was intended for Dynatrac but perhaps I can be of assistance. A progressive, dual or even triple rate coil will do well to keep your Jeep "looking" level and hold up a more weight but it comes at a cost. For one, once you load up your Jeep, the soft side of these coils typically get used up and leave you riding on the firm side of the coil. In other words, this leaves you with a harsh ride. A single rate coil will help ensure that you have the same nice ride always. If sag from a load is a concern, running coil spacers would be a better option. There is ZERO rub with 35's and fully articulated. There is minor rubbing with 37's on a Rubicon.
    Hi, I just watched the JL journal review of your lift. Nice video!!! Was there a reason you guys chose to run single rate coils over dual or triple rate. And with the 35’s or 37’s did they bump the fender when fully articulated?
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