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    Replacing a tire on the trail

    HiLift jacks have a place, but they are damn dangerous if you're not careful. I grew up with those old piece of shit bumper jacks that came on the cars and they could do the same thing. A good bottle jack from Harbor Freight will be much safer. I had a spring perch mount welded on mine so it...
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    Keeping the lettering white on my tires

    ^^ this. Used to be made by Westleys but now it's from Black Magic. We always used a small brass brush but any good stiff bristle brush will work.
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    JL Tire Carrier Question

    While this carrier reinforces the hinge, it doesn't really do anything to add any strength to the stock carrier itself. The weight distribution braces don't make the mount itself any stronger. While the 37" can be run on the stock mount, I just wonder about the long term effects, especially if...
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    Badger JL

    My two favorite. Too bad she's not completely in the pic with me but this is just before you drop down into the switchbacks on Black Bear Pass and of course the money shot on Top of the World
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    Badger JL

    Geez, can't believe it's been a year since I updated this thread :crazyeyes: Really had nothing to report on until this past month. Installed a Dynatrac Sportlift and a Rusty's Offroad tire carrier before our big trip out West to Moab & Ouray. The Rustys carrier is top notch. Really well built...
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    Installing 35” tires on stock JLU Sahara

    35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers fit with no mods. He may not even need spacers. I'm not running any and don't have any rubbing issues
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    Gladiator on the streets

    Here's a shitty pic of my neighbor's on 37's in my driveway.
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    Need a tip on installing JL Swag Windshield Decal

    :rolleyes2: Can't say I'm a professional sticker installer but all of the hundreds of stickers I've installed over the years managed to stay stuck and not break down. To each their own, but applying some kind of solution helps to install them so as to not end up with bubbles and wrinkles. These...
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    Tire relocation

    That's odd that the 33's are that close. My 35's clear on both sides of the recess and juuuuust kiss the bottom on the bumper recess, which is good as the tire is right on the bumper. I do have the steel bumpers so maybe that is the difference.
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    Funny things You've Seen on the Web

    LOL, I still have my first yellow Walkman that flips open for cassettes :crazyeyes: Edit - this one
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    Lift decision

    If you're gonna change factory arms out do yourself a favor and do it once. Personally I'd only consider a kit that has the Johnnie Joints for the arm ends. EVO/Currie etc. I ran a Rubicon Express to start with 6 years ago on my JK (:icon_crazy:) then went to RK, and ended up with an EVO LA kit...
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    JT made Car & Driver's 10Best list

    That's a pretty big deal. Finally some recognition that while Jeeps are not sports cars and certainly have their on-road idiosyncrasies, they more than make up for that with their awesome off-road capabilities. Congrats Jeep! :thumb:
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    Smittybilt 2781 5.65 CFM Universal Air Compressor

    LOL at "upgrade to a Smittybilt" What did you have before, one of these?
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    Low wiper fluid warning light

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    The Beer Thread

    Had this one a couple weeks ago from Butler Brew Works. No pic of the beer but I peeled a label off the can & stuck it on my travel fridge. Go Devil Gose. Lots of history and Easter eggs on the label. Pretty cool, especially with Butler being the birthplace of Jeep via the Bantam. Looks like an...