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Can manufacturers or vendors participate on JLWrangler.com?

Manufacturers and vendors may only participate on JLWrangler.com if they are a paying advertiser. Manufacturers and vendors found to be soliciting, discussing who they are or the goods and/or services they provide will have their account suspended.

Can dealerships participate on WAYALIFE.com?

Dealerships may only participate on JLWrangler.com if they are first and foremost a contributing member of this forum. Any dealership or associate of theirs who's only purpose for being on JLWrangler.com is to solicit will have their account suspended.

How do I become an advertiser of JLWrangler.com?

If you would like to become an advertiser on JLWrangler.com, please contact the administrator by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Can competing websites and/or publications participate on JLWrangler.com?

No. Competing websites and/or publications are NOT allowed to participate on JLWrangler.com. This would include owners, editors, administrators and moderators of these sites and/or publications.

Can Non-Profit Organizations Participate on JLWrangler.com?

No. We do NOT allow non-profit organizations or charities to participate on JLWrangler.com.

Can off road race teams participate on JLWrangler.com?

Yes, off road race teams may participate on JLWrangler.com so long as they are not directly affiliated with a vendor or shop. If they are, they must either be a paying advertiser or have permission from the Administrator.

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