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  1. If i had known this was ran by eddies pos crew id never have joined!
  2. I feel like I should not be a part of what you have created any farther
  3. I did not find the right solution from the internet.
  4. I heard through the Jeep grape vine you guys were dicks over here.
  5. Sting-Gray Jeepers
  6. Nate From Artec has been trying to respond to this review. But he get banned? Y?
  7. You guys are worthless! All you do is talk shit to people asking about products
  8. If you think saving the planet is nonsense then I wish you would move to another one
  9. Questions about buying a used Wrangler
  10. At this point Im just going to try to get kicked off this useless forum haha
  11. From here on out be careful where you go. -KASEY MCCLAIN